The Three Questions of the Devil in Love

The Three Questions of the Devil in Love

Latin Scenario is turning 10 years old and we are throwing a huge fiesta for this.

“Las 3 Preguntas del Diablo Enamorado” or “The 3 Questions of the Devil in Love” is an invocation to banish fear. A call to love, absent force in this age of chaos.

Our characters struggle with all human passions. They have emerged from the bottom of popular imagery, of belief, of myth… And they are intermediaries between the human and the divine.

Spring is close and we’d like you to get a taste of all the colors that we have in Latin America.
Snacks and drinks for sale inside the venue.
The play is 1.5 hours long and fully in Spanish but we will have English live subtitles 😉

Weekends of March
@ 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm

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