Prduction Assistant

Prduction Assistant

Production Assistants – PAs

May 13, 14, 15th

NIC Entertainment is looking a Production Assistant to support all aspects of the following film: Group 70 – Jack is Black – To be confirmed. The crew will count on you for various crucial tasks. High energy, multi-tasking skills and commitment are essential. The goal is to ensure production gets on smoothly and problem-free

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Help prepare the set in whatever you are asked to.
Help coordinate actors with the makeup department.
Assist AD and directors.
Print and distribute daily paperwork (e.g., scripts, call sheets).
Escort actors around the filming area and coordinate extras, if any.
Act as a runner distributing messages or items within film crew and cast
Undertake errands as assigned

Knowledge of terminology will be appreciated
Excellent organizational and multi-tasking ability
Resourcefulness and problem-solving
A team player with great communication skills
A valid driver’s license is a plus.
The ability to follow instructions.
Full availability for shooting days (1st Year project 2-3 days and 2nd year project up to 4 days)
On set experience
Must be able to commute on your own
Report to 1st AD

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