Student looking for a room

Student looking for a room
Rent/Budget: 1,000
Type: Room Only
Film Acting Conservatory
Contact name: Juan Guillermo Preciado
Phone: 6473544082
Contact email:

Hi everyone! I’m Juan and I’m an international student coming from Colombia. I’ve been struggling to find a place in to live here in Vancouver and I’ve been searching for more than a month now.
I have been studying acting for a few years now and I moved here to try and expand my horizons in the film and television industry. In here I study on the weekends and work at a restaurant in the weekdays
I am very introverted person at first, however once I get comfortable with a place and with people I can be very outgoing and fun to be around. I am also a very organized and clean person, easy-going and empathetic. I love to play video games and play music when I have time as well as watching movies or series. I also love to read, cook and play sports too.
It’s been a struggle to find a place for me mainly because I do not have any credit score due to the fact that I can’t get a credit card and also I cannot give landlord references as I have never had a landlord before.
I’m looking for a place near Downtown Vancouver or a place that lets me get there easily, at most 30 minute public transport ride from Yaletown or Granville station or any bus that goes directly downtown, as both my school and my workplace are there. My budget is of $1000CAD, however the cheaper the better.
Please feel free send me a message for any more information you might need
Thank you very much in advance!

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