Permanent Makeup Artist

Job Title: Makeup (Tattoo) Artist
Job Type: Full Time
Business / Company name: Jun Studios
Category: Makeup Artist

Experienced permanent makeup artist needed for makeup tattooing for eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner. Candidate does not have to be able to perform all, but certification is needed for one is required.

We are looking for someone who has positive energy and keen to always learn and perfect your craft. You love working in a team environment and can provide exceptional customer service.

Option to be hired as an employee of Jun Studios and be paid hourly or salary, or commissions based as an independent contractor.

Please apply via Indeed:,iaBackPress&advn=4101798459919534&adid=393656464&ad=-6NYlbfkN0BMtGvOMpweJZafAzb2J_LH1lXe1r34XjC4NPq3nDj5Lu_po4VMhQRJotC3GI8a8lTmURYrpLMN1ur7ThcRyiUgRJf77L9jm9fKUAYWDpRX3Qa4mr6i7B5HIy7fdxBMjTZDjjeTNOJ10LEZsqwQTppbsOHkS76g1t0fG_ArwyitsL3iyeIpmUpk9AESWPRUaxrHQH4ck7hcJVibCzzkyhCJAdMjfbGmF8L4-Eh19ySfU6C7u3CRA47LWRSsWhSgKHGEAt4MIqfcyCyWB3kYpZJLtepDrSX28DaUpnC0T8uih-qGSJp3LxC0sMCs0x3I4DAW7NUq2xaFuZ08gNM4Hd_zzMQuJ81vWiFtxxIbxz4aW90Y0Siq9to9ilVB33y1GF4Wk6BXfMrkZA&alid=58b8582ae4b049f07abd9210&pub=0cace3277f6b99df&utm_campaign=job_alerts&utm_medium=email&utm_source=jobseeker_emails

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