Key Makeup & Hair Artist in LA

Key Makeup & Hair Artist in LA
Job Title: Key Makeup & Hair Artist
Job Type: Contractor
Category: Makeup / Hair
Contact name: Dakota Daulby

This is an LA job in Noho, LA for any graduate living in LA, please apply via the contact email provided!

The project is called: “I Hate Going To Sleep Knowing That I Can’t Die”

It’s a dark dramady about a depressed vampire that falls in love with a human girl dying from cancer.

Production Designer:

Shoot date: August 22nd and 23rd, 2022
Location: Noho Los Angeles

We have partnered with the amazing CinePacks Studios in LA. See their website link:

– Harrison is cast to play Vance.
– Rose Di Nardo is cast to play Cat.
Her site:
Her Insta:
– We’ve brought on Alen Stubbs with Sci-Fi Studios as Production Designer. Insta:

Looking for a key makeup artist and hair that is interested in joining our team.

Budget: $100/day

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