Key FX Make-up Artist

Key FX Make-up Artist
Job Title: Key FX Make-up Artist
Category: Makeup / Makeup Effects / Hair, Makeup Artist, Special Effects Makeup

Core Competencies:

Degree specific to special FX make-up or 2 years real world experience doing special FX

You will be asked to share your portfolio

Experience as a people manager


Hour tracking

Conflict resolution

Key holder

Able to teach and coach in a constructive way

Extremely organized

Able to multitask

Able to budget

Eye for detail

Able to work under pressure and tight deadlines

Creative problem solver

Independent thinker

Reliable transportation

City: Coquitlam

Vancouver Horror Nights is back for our third year and at a brand new, much larger, more convenient, location. We’re adding more scares, props, FX, haunts, costumes, new games to play between experiences, expanded food, beverage and merchandise areas and we are enhancing our daytime, family friendly event. But to make all this happen we need your fresh, life essence to fuel all these nightmares.

Vancouver Horror Nights new home is at Coquitlam Centre mall with ample parking and conveniently across from the Lincoln Evergreen Line (Skytrain) Station.

This season we are open to the public from Thursday, October 6 till Saturday, November 5, 2022.

The Key Make-Up Artist (KMA) will be responsible for managing a team of 5-7 Assistant Make-Up Artists (MA) and will report to the Creative Director (CD). There are approximately 40-50 cast members who will require make-up.

The KMA will be required to hire and schedule their own team. Given the high volume of looks to be done and the limited time to do them in, all make-up artist team members will need to be familiar and practiced at airbrushing with detail work being done by hand. The KMA should have a degree in special FX make-up or at least 2 years of experience specifically in special FX.

The KMA will be responsible for scheduling actors pre-shift for specific time slots in the make-up chairs to ensure efficiency and to ensure actors are not being paid to wait for make-up. The KMA and team will use a variety of techniques, appliances, products and adhesives to obtain the desired look and will be required to teach actors how to properly and safely remove any and all of the above. The KMA and team will also be responsible for distributing, collecting, cleaning & storing silicone masks as well as special FX contact lenses.

The KMA will need to shop, stock and create a make-up kit for use between all MA’s that will remain the property of VHN. Personal kit fees and reimbursement to be discussed and negotiated.

If interested, please see link:

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