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Casa Canada - Homestay Casa Canada - Homestay Casa Canada - Homestay Casa Canada - Homestay
Type: Homestay
City: Vancouver
Contact name: Ludovic
Contact email:

The average commute between most schools and Homestay hosts is between 45 to 55 minutes by public transportation

Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Host families come from backgrounds as diverse as Canada.

Your breakfast and lunch snacks are self-serve while the dinner is served hot by the host family
A comfortable private room (or shared twin) with shared bathroom
2 or 3 meals a day, 7 days a week

2022 (Ages 19+):
– Accommodation Placement Fee (One-time Fee): $210
– Homestay single with 2 meals/day: $255/week
– Homestay single with 3 meals/day: $265/week
– Homestay twin with 2 meals/day: $245/week
– Homestay twin with 3 meals/day: $255/week

– Underage: $20/week
Summer Fee*: $25/week
Extra Night**: $70/night
Private WC: $85/week
Special diet: $40/week

*Summer Fee applies from May 28 to Sep 4, 2022
** Upon availability

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